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Hello Lovelies,

I write this blog today, well actually over the course of a week to protect myself yet position to prevent others from similar experiences. This one flows from unspoken unfortunate unexpected experiences that ultimately what I believe is preparing me for next level domination doing what I'm purposed to do in life and business. So I unleash! And my calendar is OPEN to publicly talk about what happens after the the deal is closed and the big WIN.

In the world of comedy, where laughter is the currency and food for the soul, Katt Williams recently shared some candid insights into the challenges and triumphs of his journey in life and business. While I live, laugh, love and smile most often, hearing Katt Williams' experiences struck a chord with me, resonating deeply with the hurdles and victories I've encountered in both the realms of business and partnerships. Like Katt Williams, I've navigated the intricate dance of ownership, partnerships, and the relentless pursuit of authenticity and integrity doing what I love. Most recently addressing the aftermath of writing and winning 7.5 million dollar contract for a client to house government workers coupled with a bogus partnership that turned out to have an agenda to annihilate and rob me of all I live to do in life and business. True, they got access, full intel, intricate detail of what we do, how we do it and why we approach things the way we do, but I learned two things - 1.  To be mindful of who I enable and how fast I yield results because there's levels to readiness. 2. No matter what, show up and give my best in all things, people will value and appreciate what they received, then true colors come out. Greed and mismanagement are hidden characteristics until lump sums of money is involved. It's true, what's in a person will come out eventually.

The latest series of experiences compounded from previous years of challenging contractual agreements with my own people choosing to not follow through and honor agreements almost took me out and provoked me to close my business and service offerings. No one is perfect, and we haven't always been personally but professionally, we honor and deliver as it is written. The dance continues as I'm reminded as a single mother and sole provider for my family, recommitting to servicing others, choosing to show up in-spite of and in the midst of challenges is very defining. Today, I'm very clear that what I do is purposed because my capability and capacity to show up and deliver has been unstoppable. I can't be easily broken because even though access was granted and breached, I have not been eliminated and I'm more resilient today than even. I will survive then thrive higher than ever before.

The entertainment industry, much like any other, is a realm where ownership is often a coveted but elusive treasure. Williams' revelation about owning his content serves as a powerful lesson for all creatives, a testament to the resilience required to weather the storms of an industry that often thrives on unpredictability.

In my own journey, I've faced the complex landscape of relationships and partnerships. Katt Williams' stories of betrayal and challenges echo my own experiences. The struggles of being misunderstood, pushed aside, or even blackballed are familiar chapters in the narrative of my business endeavors. Yet, like Katt Williams, I've discovered an unyielding wellspring of resilience within, an unstoppable spirit that propels me forward despite the adversities.

The lessons learned through these challenges parallel Katt Williams' insights, the paramount importance of authenticity, the inevitable surfacing of truth, and the necessity of standing firm in the face of adversity. Navigating the dynamics of partnerships and the business landscape, I've come to appreciate the profound significance of owning one's narrative, even when faced with frenemies and those who may seek to undermine.

Katt Williams' awakens words I thrive by that "my blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of freedom" which resonates with the deep understanding that our experiences, no matter how challenging, contribute to our growth and eventual success. The unfiltered truth needs no motivation, and lies will inevitably be exposed. I'm here for it because suffering in silence is a thing of the past and when you are legit and a legitimizer with nothing to hide, you don't mind having the conversation. The legacy we build is a testament to our resilience and authenticity.

I'm reminded of the analogy that "what's done in the dark comes to light, and the dirt they throw on you falls under my feet to elevate me higher" reflects a sentiment of rising above challenges and using them as stepping stones to greater heights. It's a reminder that difficulties, when faced with courage and resilience, become the foundation for our ascent.

As Katt Williams mentions the ease of juicing compared to hitting the gym, it draws parallels to the challenges of taking shortcuts in business. While shortcuts may seem tempting, the true strength lies in the genuine effort, hard work, and dedication that accompany the journey. Flexing with borrowed achievements is a hollow endeavor that lacks the substance of authentic accomplishments.

Katt Williams' provoked me to reflect on knowing oneself and the source that supplies all needs aligns with the profound understanding that, even in moments of temporary disturbance, one can remain unbroken and undestroyed. Embracing one's uniqueness, as I've experienced from the day I was born, becomes a source of strength in navigating through the worst that could happen in relationships and beyond.

His acknowledgment of being misunderstood, pushed aside, and boxed resonates deeply. I, too, have been blessed with the gift in situations where foresight, the ability to see beyond the norm, and being a guiding light were met with misunderstanding and sometimes deliberate disregard. This shared experience reinforces the understanding that the path less traveled, though challenging, is often the one that leads to unparalleled growth and impact.

The notion that enemies come to steal, kill, and destroy is a stark reality in the journey to success. Yet, the impact of our works, the positive changes we bring to the world, and the lessons we impart cannot be undermined by the actions of those who seek to hinder. In my own journey, I've faced challenges, learned from them, and emerged stronger, leaving a positive mark on those who have been part of my life and business.

Key Highlights:

  • Owning the Narrative: The entertainment industry, akin to any other, often makes ownership an elusive treasure. Katt's revelation of owning his content becomes a powerful lesson for all creatives – a testament to the resilience required in an unpredictable industry.

  • Partnerships and Pitfalls: Reflecting on Katt's tales of betrayal and challenges, I share my own journey of being misunderstood, pushed aside, and blackballed. Yet, like Katt, I've found an unstoppable spirit within, propelling me forward despite adversities.

  • Resilience and Authenticity: Lessons parallel Katt's insights – the importance of authenticity, the inevitable surfacing of truth, and standing firm in adversity. Navigating partnerships taught me the significance of owning one's narrative, even in the face of frenemies.

  • Legacy Building: Katt's words, "my blood will nourish the tree that bears the fruits of freedom," resonate. Our experiences contribute to growth, and the unfiltered truth, devoid of motivation, will inevitably be exposed, building a legacy of resilience and authenticity.

  • Rising Above Challenges: Analogies like "what's done in the dark comes to light" mirror the sentiment of rising above challenges. Difficulties, faced with courage, become stepping stones to greater heights.

  • Avoiding Shortcuts: Katt's analogy of juicing versus hitting the gym draws parallels to business shortcuts. True strength lies in genuine effort, hard work, and dedication, not in flexing with borrowed achievements.

  • Knowing Oneself: Reflecting on Katt's acknowledgment of being misunderstood aligns with the profound understanding that, even in disturbance, one can remain unbroken. Embracing uniqueness becomes a source of strength.

  • Facing Enemies: The reality that enemies come to hinder is acknowledged. Yet, the impact of our works and the positive changes brought to the world cannot be undermined.

In Conclusion:

This blog is an open dialogue about life after sealing the deal and the aftermath of big wins. It's about resilience, authenticity, and an unwavering commitment to next-level domination. Join me in reflecting on Katt Williams' conversation, posture during experiences and the mindset of embracing continuous growth on an unstoppable journey.

As I reflect on Katt Williams' experiences and weave the parallels into the fabric of my own journey, I find solace and inspiration. 

Here's to continuous growth, unwavering authenticity, and the unstoppable journey that lies ahead. My light shines and I will recover ALL!

Leading with Love and Gratitude,

Lady Erin

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