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From Tough Experiences to Greater Heights: Embracing Growth in Business and Relationships

Hey there, Lovelies! ❤ Today, I want to take you on a personal journey of growth, resilience, and self-discovery as we delve into the power of overcoming tough experiences in both business and relationships. Picture this: I'm on the elevator, and it's not just any elevator; it's the elevator to something greater! Life is an ever-evolving journey, filled with moments that challenge us, test our strength, and push us to our limits. In business and relationships alike, we encounter obstacles and face tough decisions that can either break us or make us stronger. And let me tell you, I chose the latter; I chose to rise above and embrace growth. Now, there's a particular week that will forever be etched in my memory - July 17, 2023. It was a week that made me see business and relationships from a different lens. I realized there are real levels to this; extending your hand to raise others up comes with a choice - loyalty or betrayal. In the Business Arena: As an entrepreneur

Embracing Unorthodox Excellence: My Journey to a Holistic Life and Business in Kingdom Territory

Hey there, Lovelies! It's Erin Porche`, your favorite profit partner in life and business. Today I want to open up about my personal wiring and how it has led me on an unorthodox, uncommon, and unstoppable path to living a holistic life, managing thriving businesses and healthy relationships holistically. I want to share with you how my experiences in the Kingdom Territory have shaped me and how I'm here to offer the same transformative journey to my clients. You see, I've never been one to conform to societal norms or follow the crowd. From a young age, I felt a burning desire to forge my own path, to create a life that resonated with my soul and aligned with my values. Little did I know that this unorthodox approach would become the very foundation of my success. Throughout my journey, I've come to understand that the Kingdom Territory Life is not a physical place but a state of mind and being. It's about embracing our true selves, unleashing our unique gifts and

Going Global: Expanding Your Life & Business and Making a Global Impact

  Going Global: Expanding Your Life & Business and Making a Global Impact In today's interconnected world, the opportunities for businesses to go global are abundant. Entrepreneurs and business leaders have the ability to reach a global audience and make a significant impact beyond their home country. Global Works Consulting Group, led by visionary CEO Erin Porche, understands the potential of going global and aims to help businesses achieve success on an international scale. With their non-profit branch, Global Works Cares, they are committed to making a positive impact on a global scale. In an era where technological advancements have blurred international borders, it is time for businesses to broaden their horizons and go global. Global Works Consulting Group, along with its non-profit branch, Global Works Cares, operates on the ethos of empowering individuals and businesses to transcend geographic boundaries and make an impactful presence in the global market. Led by the dy