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Greetings to all,

I am excited to share with you the story of my youngest child, Landen Allmon, who will soon celebrate his fifth birthday on May 24th, 2023. As a single mother of three children, my kids have always been a significant force behind my drive to succeed and thrive in life.

Landen's life is a true blessing and a miracle, and his awareness of being a king since the age of two years old is a testament to the power of God's Word in our lives. It's important to understand that we are Kingdom Territory, and we have the birthright to live a radically rich life. The royalty is in us, and we are called to share and balance each other out, be a blessing to others, and leave a legacy.

Reflecting on my journey as a mother, and my desire to have a baby boy, I am amazed to see the hand of God, the works of God, and the act of God manifested right here on earth. Landen was a promise that began as an undeveloped seed planted in my soul and womb. I held onto my dreams, and I worked towards them with hope and faith.

After raising my two beautiful daughters, I decided that I would not have any more children unless I got married. But, Landen's unexpected arrival showed me that with faith, all things are possible. His birth was a reminder that we can claim our inheritance and live a radically rich life that's our birthright.

Despite my fears and uncertainties, Landen's presence brought new energy into my life. I always had a dream of traveling to Africa, and Landen's room was safari-themed, "Oh, the places he will go," and his baby shower was royal-themed. Landen was born into a life that was set up for him to flow into.

From an early age, Landen had a deep sense of his birthright as a king. I had never spoken to him about being a king, but I had created imagery around this royal priesthood I wanted for my son. Even his photo shoot had a crown, and during his baby shower, his nanny gifted him a crown that he wore while looking into the mirror and declaring himself a king.

As Landen approaches his 5th birthday, we celebrate his life and his awareness of his birthright. He is already clear about his purpose and living out his best life, and we are excited to see him continue to grow into the person he was meant to be. Black is King, and Landen is a true king in the making.

Thank you for joining me in celebrating the life of Landen Allmon. Let us all remember that we have the birthright to live a radically rich life, our children are our blessings and we should strive to be a blessing to them and others and live a legacy.

Leading with love and gratitude,

Erin Porche`


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